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Vision Clarity Starts Here!

This is a powerful and proven process that will bring to light the God-ordained vision and direction for your church like none other.

Our Process

During our 2.5-day installation retreat, we will use 25 customized tools, to guide you and your team through the vision discovery process. Built on the God Dreams Horizon Storyline platform designed by Will Mancini and powered by StratOp tools developed by The Paterson Company, these tools have been used over the last 40 years to lead hundreds of teams – from startups to billion-dollar companies – gain clarity around their vision. This process delivers a unified organizational dashboard that creates synergy and focus across all ministry areas—moving you toward your vision.

Step 1: Ready

Getting started is simple and easy. Let's set up some time to chat and  discover what exactly your church's needs are

Step 2: Set

Next we lock in an install date that works best for your team. We suggest 2 1/2 days on undistracted time.

Step 3: Go!

We create a custom proposal that will work best for your church. Once it's approved, we are ready to launch.


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